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Choosing Joy As A Radical Act: JourneyDance & More with Beth Charbonneau & Jean O'Toole

What is your relationship to joy at this moment of your life? No matter what is happening, what would it be like to choose joy?

In a culture that stokes fear, comparison and competition, it is a radical act to choose joy in our relationship to our bodies, our lives and with others. The messages we receive from the media and culture at large often try to convince us that our bodies and lives should be scrutinized instead of celebrated and that we are in competition with others for the joy available in life. The suffering and challenges we face are real. Choosing joy is a courageous, radical act.

This half-day workshop weaves together movement and music with creative, experiential activities and time for reflection and expression—all in a supportive community—to help spark and sustain the joy you seek. No movement experience needed and all bodies are welcome. Come refill your own well!

March 24th, 2019 at Willow Street Yoga Center in Silver Spring 1:00-4:00pm

Details and Registration Information: http://www.willowstreetyoga.com/choosing-joy/

Testimonials From Prior Workshops and Retreats:


Beth's workshop caused me to stop "living" in the worlds of my dreams and fantasies and begin to really live in the real world.  To start reaching out to other and to go out and interact with the universe. 

The experience was transformative.  It was deep, fun and moving to do the work.  I feel better prepared to be kinder and more loving to my whole self now.  

Everything was fun and purposeful (even if uncomfortable at times) and was all cohesive, leaving me with hopeful calm and new tools. 

I was worried it would be a negative or scary experience but safely moving through my shadow selves brought me to hope and joy.

Today's workshop really helped me connect with things that are standing in my way.

Beth excelled at creating a safe, welcoming, and even playful place for exploring our shadows. I especially enjoyed the art activities and small-group discussion as a way to get in touch with some of my own (less favored? disowned? partially submerged? closeted?) aspects. 

Beth Charbonneau's group workshop made creative use of the group setting while still allowing participants to share at their own comfort level. Visualization exercises were helpful in exploring feelings that may not be fully acknowledged on a regular basis. Beth was very professional and at the same time inspired a feeling of comfort. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone hoping to understand and listen to themselves with a more open and loving heart and mind. 




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